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Educator Training: Connecting Leaders


Connecting Leaders is a comprehensive Educator Training Program, launched by Change the World Trust in 2010, motivating educators in difficult and under-resourced schools.  

The objectives of this program are:

  • To equip educators with leadership expertise & practical training
  • To improve their access to online resources
  • To provide classroom management & positive discipline workshops & mentoring
  • To provide quality Basic IT Training

Thus far, more than 20 schools in Gauteng have been selected and completed this program and the series of seminars and workshops it entailed. Each training session includes 30 to 50 attendees.

Based in Johannesburg, South Africa, the ‘Connecting Leaders’ team and partners offer seminars and workshops on topics such as motivation, leadership, classroom control and discipline, behavioural management, communication skills as well as basic IT skills. 

The focus is on ensuring that South African teachers gain these essential qualities and ICT skills that are necessary for professional educators in today’s classroom.

We believe that investing in teacher development is the most effective way of reaching the children.

The Minister of Basic Education also stated the importance of broad participation and strongly urged the involvement and inputs of organisations representing school governing bodies, organised business, faith organisations and education NGOs.


  • Empowered Educators who can access resources online, find solutions on teaching sites, design assessment and examination papers, keep records of the classroom progress and other teaching IT solutions. Training is given on practical, class-integrated IT tasks.
  • Leaders in education, who are motivated, take initiative and have the know-how to address problem areas that impede learning in the classroom.

The overall objective of the Connecting Leaders is to advance South Africa’s social and economic development.

Change the World Trust achieves this through improving teacher practice in a way that contributes to a higher quality education system, a better informed citizenry and higher skilled workforce.

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