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Peter Siziba - Leeto lestwela pele

Name: Peter Siziba
Age: 30
Occupation: Junior IT Specialist (Omega Digital Technology – Wood mead)

I was born and raised in a family of nine, in Limpopo. My father and grandparents passed away when I was very young. My siblings and I were left with our mother who was the sole breadwinner.

Unfortunately in 2001, my mother also passed on and I was left with my four siblings. Life was very hard growing up without parents as we could not afford basic things that other children enjoyed. At the age of 15, I relocated to a boarding school in Benoni (East of Gauteng), but unfortunately I dropped out due of financial constraints.


After working as a security guard for many years, in 2014 I saw a lady distributing pamphlets on the road. She was also placing posters about Change the World (CTW), a local IT training NGO in Diepsloot. She informed me about the free IT scholarships they were offering and right there I decided to take the plunge and join the IT Academy. 

After completing my Cisco PC Technician course with CTW, I quit my job and decided to apply for an entry level position at Omega Digital Technology, because I had discovered where my passion was.

I now work as a junior IT specialist and I must admit that I love my job. In my job, I specialize in audio visual and IT equipment, and working my way to the top. 

I am able to financially support myself, my other siblings back home and niece who is currently studying Chemical Engineering at the University of Tshwane. Looking back from where I was, to where I am today; all I can say is that every day is a blessing and I thank Change the World Trust for playing such a big role in my journey.

Leeto lestwela pele…(the journey continues)

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