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Testimonial: Palesa Seelane – PC Basics Beneficiary

Palesa comes from a humble home in Ivory Park and is the second of three sisters. From a young age she has always been fascinated by technology and how it works. At home she was exposed to IT devices such as computers but could not use them. This hunger and need to learn has inspired her to work towards conquering the ICT sector and she now plans to learn as much as possible and help young people from her community with IT skills training. As the family is dependent on her siblings she did not have the money to enrol formally so she decided to take up the scholarship opportunity that was advertised and since then she has been a blessing in the IT Academy.

How was your experience in PC Basics?

The experience was great, because since I came here, I can now dream and think positively about my future unlike before, I am enjoying the training and experience very much and want to continue learning IT. My sister has a laptop at home and I could not use it before. Since I came to CTW, I can now use the computer and I am helping her with assignments.


What have you learnt so far?

I wasn’t doing well in excel but I am doing much better now.

I have learnt more about MS PowerPoint, which I am passionate about.


Thank You

I would like to thank the Australian High Commission for giving me this opportunity to make something of my life. I am now able to imagine a different life due to the scholarship I received from Change the World funded by the High Commission and I owe my future success to you guys for this opportunity. A definite plan for me is to find employment so I can look after my family and contribute positively to the economy.


Success Story: Baxter Theu – ITE Graduate

Background: Baxter comes from a disadvantaged home in Malawi, where he was unable to complete Matric due to a lack money for studies. Up until recently he was working as a gardener, with no career prospects in sight. He found out about the Zandspruit IT Center from a flyer and decide to enrol for ITE in late 2014.

ITE Course: The training went well and he attended all the classes for four months until he qualified as an ITE Technician earlier this year.

Success after the Training: Baxter promised himself that he would stop being a gardener and do something better for himself and his friends, who are also employed as such. He decide to buy himself some second hand computers and open up an Internet Café to make some money for himself and also help the Youth of Zandspruit to access employment opportunities.

“Since the training I have become a better person, I am motivated to help others and my friends now see me as a role model. This change in my life, would not have been possible where it not for the opportunity given to me by Change the World and Seacom. Thank you guys and also Joyce, my teacher for showing me that where you come from should not determine where you finish off”.

First Time Employed

Name: Thapelo Molokwane

Currently: Receptionist at Midrand Graduate Institute

Education: Matric


My name is Thapelo Molokwane. I am 24 years old and I am from Ganaria, Mpumalanga.


I grew up there with my brother and my grandmother. My father had left us when we were very young and my mother had to go to Johannesburg to find work. I managed to finish matric in 2009 but after that I was unable to find a job. I moved to Johannesburg but still did not succeed in finding a job.

Late last year a friend told me about Change the World Training academy and the IT scholarships they offered. I applied and received a full scholarship to do PC Basics.

After completing the training, I applied for a position as a receptionist. One of the requirements was having good working knowledge of PC Basics and knowledge about computers. I went for the interview and got the job. This is the first job I’ve ever had in my life! It’s the first time I am earning an income.

My responsibilities include responding to emails, filing, data capturing, typing on the system to book appointments for clients & lecturers, typing out reports and letters etc.

These are all skills that I didn’t have before and that I learnt through this scholarship. I am applying everything that I learnt from Change the World Academy in my current Job position.

My entire life has changed: I can now afford to buy myself clothes and other needs.

I have a son, so now I can support him and care for him. I am also helping my younger brother. I am also teaching him everything that I learnt at Change the World Academy.

I am very thankful for the scholarship that changed my life- without it I would still be without a job, without an income and not able to provide for myself and my family.

I am now trying to also help those who have a need. I am reaching out to young students and helping them learn basic computer skills such as excel, power point, word and also help out with submitting assignments.



Success Story 02: Pamela

My name is Pamela Kaunda. I am 21 years old. I stay in Rembrandt Park, Johannesburg.

I started attending Change the World ITTC in March 2011. I had finished my Matric in 2007 and was not able to do any tertiary course because my parents could not afford it. I tried to apply for bursaries which did not succeed.

I had longed to study IT ever since I learnt how to “power-on” a computer. Change the World with Microsoft Student 2 Business, offered the youth in our Church, Christ Ambassadors, the scholarship to study IT in Midrand. I was so happy and I took a chance and told myself that I can do this.

In June 2011, after I had completed my PC Basics and MS Office training at CTW Midrand, I got another Leanership with TCM Academy in Bedford View, which is a partner with CISCO Networks to study IT further. After a month at TCM, I then qualified to study CCNA, which is a Networking course. I did my best and passed both IT Essentials (A+ Technician Course) and CCNA 1 – 4 (N+ Networking Course).

Today, I am doing my internship program, learning how to become an IT Trainer myself, with Change the World in Midrand. It is a learning process for me and I am willing to do my best to succeed in this industry.

In the next five years, I want to see myself owning a company that specialises in IT and Technology. I also want to be among the best IT Individuals who dream IT. To all those who would like to take IT as their course, I encourage them that all you need is motivation and a future. Dream big and achieve big!!!

I just want to say thank you to CTW and Microsoft for making my dream come true. 


Success Story 03: Beauty Mothoa

In July 2011 Beauty Mothoa began the Cisco PC Technician training course at Change the World - IT Training Center. She completed the course with high scores. CTW Trust recommended her for a learnership to UCS Solutions - a high-end technology company. As a result of this she began work there in Nov 2011 and is becoming a skilled Network and PC Technician in the work-place.


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