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Change the World Trust and SEACOM continue to assist PC Technician Training for Youth in Zandspruit

Youth and tech-savvy community members are thrilled with the opportunity to receive scholarships and become accredited PC Technicians. This is thanks to a buzzing IT Training Centre funded by SEACOM and operating in a joint venture by local Impilo Foundation and Change the World Trust (CTW).

The IT Training Centre is meeting its goal of helping members of the community to develop advanced ICT skills that improve their employability and economic opportunities. With around 13,500 families living without basic facilities and services, Zandspruit is one of the most deprived communities in Gauteng. In just the past few months, 19 youth have begun their PC Technician training and over 40 other students have completed intermediate computer courses since January.

In early 2012, SEACOM worked with Change the World Trust to spearhead accredited training at the Impilo IT Training centre, which provides internet-connected computers, training and software to local students. Change the World is an organisation that aims to leverage innovative ICT training to infuse South African youth with powerful career visions.


With partners such as Microsoft, Cisco Academy, MICT SETA, and the government, the Trust is working to create learning centers in as many locations as possible. The Zandspruit centre currently offers powerful MS Office and PC Basic courses and accredited PC technician training under the Cisco Academy umbrella. The centre is already producing a number of success stories:  

Irene Mamakgowa Mashiya completed a PC Basic and Microsoft Office certificate at the centre. This helped her to secure a job as a cashier at a major retailer at the Cresta shopping centre in Johannesburg. “I encourage other people out there, young or old to enroll for this computer course, it gives an opportunity for employment. Today I can help my family and support my child because of the course.” She says

Annah Khomotso Majadibodu also learned basic typing and computer literacy skills at the Impilo IT Training Centre. “I was initially a cleaner at my current workplace, but because of the training I got from Impilo, I have managed to apply for and secure a cashier position,” she says. And for Phuti Elliot Mashamaite, the training was the key to unlocking a good job at his local Mugg & Bean branch.

Another Impilo student, Thembelihle Refilwe Baijang, says: “I can use the skills I got at Impilo training anywhere, everywhere and at any time. Now, my future is so bright.”

Bonolo Victoria Koatale was struggling to find a job at the time she completed the computer literacy course at Impilo.  “Last year November, Pick n Pay was looking for computer literate cashiers and I took my chances. Now, I’ve been working as cashier for seven months. Thank you so much Impilo IT Training Centre for opening my eyes to the world of technology," Koatale says.

Byron Clatterbuck, Chief Commercial Officer at SEACOM, says: “We are delighted by the success stories we’re seeing unfold at the Zandspruit technology training centre. They show how sustainable Change the World Trust’s approach is in bringing people into the job market. This is another way that SEACOM is investing in the community and hoping to grow skills and education in Africa. “


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