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Success Story 02: Pamela

My name is Pamela Kaunda. I am 21 years old. I stay in Rembrandt Park, Johannesburg.

I started attending Change the World ITTC in March 2011. I had finished my Matric in 2007 and was not able to do any tertiary course because my parents could not afford it. I tried to apply for bursaries which did not succeed.

I had longed to study IT ever since I learnt how to “power-on” a computer. Change the World with Microsoft Student 2 Business, offered the youth in our Church, Christ Ambassadors, the scholarship to study IT in Midrand. I was so happy and I took a chance and told myself that I can do this.

In June 2011, after I had completed my PC Basics and MS Office training at CTW Midrand, I got another Leanership with TCM Academy in Bedford View, which is a partner with CISCO Networks to study IT further. After a month at TCM, I then qualified to study CCNA, which is a Networking course. I did my best and passed both IT Essentials (A+ Technician Course) and CCNA 1 – 4 (N+ Networking Course).

Today, I am doing my internship program, learning how to become an IT Trainer myself, with Change the World in Midrand. It is a learning process for me and I am willing to do my best to succeed in this industry.

In the next five years, I want to see myself owning a company that specialises in IT and Technology. I also want to be among the best IT Individuals who dream IT. To all those who would like to take IT as their course, I encourage them that all you need is motivation and a future. Dream big and achieve big!!!

I just want to say thank you to CTW and Microsoft for making my dream come true. 


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